Nine gold sovereigns that command top dollar

Jul 25, 2012

Nine Gold Sovereigns   1440 x 1080

It’s an amazing fact that Australian mints in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth churned out more than 400,000,000 official gold sovereigns between 1855 and 1931.

The various combinations of years, reverses, monarchs and mints means that collectors must find almost 200 different coins to complete a set.

While many of these Australian-made sovereigns are readily available, rarer types spark huge interest whenever they appear on the market.

If you’ve accumulated, found or inherited some old coins, bear in mind that they may include some potentially very valuable Australian gold sovereigns. The question is, how do you know whether you’re lucky enough to have hit the jackpot?

This table reveals the rarest dates of nine different types of Australian sovereign. Any of these years could generate a reward considerably higher than the coin’s bullion value, particularly if it’s in top condition.