Your guide to wedding bands

Dec 4, 2023

This is a mixed metal ring with diamonds

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Planning a wedding is a fun and exciting time, albeit slightly stressful as you try and juggle all aspects of planning. And one thing not to overlook are the wedding bands.

What with the dress, venue, flowers and decorations, the wedding rings are often left to the last minute. So, to make your life easier, we’ve put together the complete 2024 guide to wedding bands.

Which metal should I choose for my wedding band?

This is the first thing to think about when choosing wedding bands. From yellow gold, white gold and platinum to titanium, palladium and zirconium – there are so many different precious metals to consider.

For brides this decision is somewhat easier as we recommend choosing the same metal as your engagement ring. The reason for this is that each metal has a different hardness which could cause the harder metal to rub and wear away the softer metal ring over time.

Mixed metal wedding bands

Gold nugget and white gold unusual ring with diamonds

For 2024, we’re seeing trends of mixed metals. So even if you have a yellow gold engagement ring, you can still create the look with white or rose gold as the base metal remains the same.

Yellow gold wedding bands

Yellow gold continues its popularity and is the most common choice for men’s wedding bands. It’s the perfect choice if you have warm skin tones and want a classic yet stylish look. Another benefit of selecting yellow gold is that it doesn’t tarnish easily.

Rose gold wedding bands

A growing trend for wedding bands is rose gold. Though, one of the less common choices, this beautifully coloured gold is for those who want a more striking and distinctive look.

Design styles for 2024

With mixed metal wedding bands becoming a bigger trend for 2024, there are some great ways to wear the design.

Mixed shape diamond bands

There’s been an increased demand for diamond wedding bands which feature a variety of stone cuts rather than traditional round-cut diamonds.

One trending style is the ‘tiara’ fitted diamond wedding band. When worn, this design looks like a beautiful tiara that sits snuggly against your engagement ring.

A tiara-style diamond wedding ring with diamond engagement ring

Classic wedding rings

Classic wedding rings generally feature an all-metal band and are rounded inside out. This is a timeless design and is still proving popular for 2024.

Curved wedding rings

Curved wedding rings are well suited to a curved engagement ring as they stack up beautifully.

Diamond eternity rings

Two row diamond eternity ring set in white gold

Diamond eternity rings are a popular choice for those who want extra glamour and sparkle without having to wait until the conventional 10-year anniversary. Though more expensive than traditional wedding bands, diamond wedding rings look beautiful and are a statement piece even when worn alone.

For 2024, coloured gemstones encased in eternity wedding rings are also looking to be popular. Sapphire, particularly, gives a striking and regal look.

Sapphire and diamond ring set in white gold

Alternative wedding rings

If you’re looking for an alternative option, black wedding rings are becoming progressively more prevalent due to their striking look. Zirconium is a shiny silver-grey metal often used in grey and black wedding bands. This element originates in the sands of coastal waters and has even been found in stars and lunar rocks.

Men's black and white gold wedding ring

Wedding band finish

Next to think about when it comes to the design is the finish. This describes the surface texture of the metal and can completely change the look of the wedding ring.

  • Polished – this smooth, reflective finish is a traditional choice and the most common.
  • Satin – similar to polished but not reflective, this finish is popular for men’s wedding rings.
  • Hammered – featuring tiny divots, the hammered finish is created using a specialised jewellery hammer and gives a warm, unique look to the ring.
  • Brushed – the brushed texture resembles delicate brush strokes and is a great choice for people who are manual workers or lead active lifestyles as the appearance hides scratches better than other finishes.


If you’re choosing a diamond-set wedding band, here’s an outline of the most common settings used to secure the stones – each has its own unique style.

Micro-claw setting

In a micro-claw set ring, claws are carved from the sides of the wedding band to secure each individual stone. Minimal metal is seen around the diamonds so there’s more sparkle. The ring’s width will be determined by the carat size of the diamonds.

A micro-claw diamond wedding ring

Claw setting

Each diamond is secured from below and with two claws on either side from above. These claws create a secure setting with minimal space between each stone. This results in a beautifully sparkly wedding ring.

Beautiful claw-set diamond wedding band set in yellow gold

Grain/bead setting

A grain or bead setting is created by drilling under where the diamond needs to sit, allowing the stones to lie almost flush with the surface of the metal. A variation of grain setting, known as pavé setting, refers to multiple rows of grain-set diamonds.

Grain or bead-set diamond wedding band set in rose gold

Channel setting

A channel-set ring is where a channel is cut out of the ring and diamonds are placed within the channel and secured.

channel-set eternity band with a row of white diamonds

Hammer/flush setting

A hammer or flush-set wedding band has diamonds encased flush in the ring. The design can include a single gem or multiple diamonds.

A hammer or flush-set wedding band with diamonds encased flush in the ring.

Wedding bands – an overview for 2024

There’s still huge demand for a traditional wedding band – both for brides and grooms, but there’s definitely a shift towards the alternative and mixed metal designs.

Diamond shapes for wedding bands and engagement rings are also changing, with asymmetry, oval shaped diamonds and coloured gemstones taking centre stage for 2024.

Where to buy

You can find The Perth Mint’s jewellery store inside our landmark heritage listed building, established by Britain’s Royal Mint in 1899 at our iconic East Perth site in Hay Street.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you to try on different wedding rings. See how they look against your skin and ensure your wedding band reflects your true individuality.

We also offer a bespoke design service where our experts can design your perfect wedding ring.

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