Perth Mint reinforces its commitment to best practice

Jun 12, 2020

As a WA State-owned organisation The Perth Mint adheres to the highest ethical standards and is committed to boycotting conflict gold and other minerals.

We take Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting very seriously and are vigilant in our assessments of the companies from which we source gold and other metals for processing.

We remain confident that we comply fully with all regulatory requirements and the responsible gold guidelines set out by the global gold industry’s governing bodies.

Consistent with our commitment to ethical, robust and best practice processes we will initiate an independent third party review of our audit processes. The review will also assess our arrangements with licensed counterparties which may deal with Artisanal Small-scale Mining (ASM).

For many years The Perth Mint has led change to improve transparency and compliance within the gold industry. We have actively assisted regulators in their endeavours to address corrupt practices, including GST fraud in the broader gold refining sector.

We remain committed to continuous improvement.