Metal-free clothing policy initiative supported by Perth Mint staff

Jun 20, 2017

The Perth Mint is in consultation with all staff in relation to a security policy review that may include the introduction of a metal-free clothing policy. Initial feedback from its employees is overwhelmingly positive. 

As Australia’s largest and most successful producer of precious metal bars and coins, The Perth Mint has to continually review its security policies. 

The Perth Mint’s General Manager Human Resources, Jane King says staff understand the need for the Mint to maintain high security standards. 

“The feedback from our 240-strong workforce to this proposal has been strongly supportive,” Ms King said.

“As is our long-standing position at Gold Corporation, we think very carefully about changes to policy that affect our workforce, because our staff are our biggest asset.

“The proposal to introduce metal-free clothing was driven by our desire to improve security at The Perth Mint, and will not threaten the integrity or privacy of staff. 

In fact, such a policy would eliminate the need to question staff on whether they have any precious metal on their person as they leave high-security areas of the Mint.

“As always, we will incorporate staff feedback into our final decision making and continue to keep the workforce in the loop.”

If The Perth Mint does decide to introduce a metal-free clothing policy, it will provide the appropriate clothing to all affected staff.

The Perth Mint processes high value precious metal products such as gold, platinum and silver within its refining and manufacturing operations. 

The general public viewing area would not be affected by a metal-free clothing policy.