The Perth Mint responds to LBMA review

Mar 9, 2023

Following significant media coverage in Australia about The Perth Mint, the London Bullion Market Association has commenced an Incident Review Process (IRP) to review any allegations raised.

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is an international trade association representing the London market for gold and silver bullion, of which The Perth Mint is a member.

The Perth Mint welcomes this engagement with the LBMA, which is a long-term partner of our business. We value the relationship and are committed to working openly and transparently throughout the process.

The Perth Mint is constantly identifying areas for improvement in the business, including addressing historical practices.

The Perth Mint is working hard to meet its obligations to the Western Australian community, the gold mining sector and our customers around the world.


Samia O'Keefe
Manager, Corporate Communications