Magnificent Boorloo dragon unveiled at The Perth Mint

Feb 28, 2024

boorloo dragon

The annual 15-day Lunar New Year festivities may have concluded at the weekend, but the Year of the Dragon celebrations continue at The Perth Mint with the installation of a giant dragon at its iconic East Perth site.

On loan from the Chung Wah Association, the magnificent Boorloo Dragon was brought to life by Perth artist Ken Allen to celebrate the most auspicious animal in the lunar zodiac, the dragon.

Inspired by the stunning images coin artist Ing Ing Jong designed for The Perth Mint’s Australian Lunar Series III 2024 Year of the Dragon coins, the Boorloo Dragon embodies creativity, cultural exchange, and sustainability. Crafted entirely from recycled materials sourced from second hand shops, verge collections, industrial waste, and general junk, the Boorloo Dragon symbolises The Perth Mint’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Key features of the Boorloo Dragon include:

  • A “skeleton” constructed from 200-litre plastic drums
  • Scales made from discarded plastic items and duct insulation offcuts, diverting waste from landfill
  • A skull built around a plastic motorcycle tank
  •  Legs and feet repurposed from a children’s plastic table, PVC pipe offcuts, and flippers
  • A tail crafted from offcuts of the 200-litre drums that formed the skeleton

The artist encourages gentle interaction with the dragon while reminding visitors to refrain from climbing on it or its supporting structure for safety reasons.

To further engage with the community, we invite visitors to share selfies with the Boorloo Dragon using the hashtags #perthmintdragon and #boorloodragon to go into the draw to win an Australian Lunar Series III 2024 Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver Gilded coin.

Don’t miss the opportunity to marvel at the Boorloo Dragon’s splendour which is on display until Sunday 10 March.

Samia O'Keefe
Manager, Corporate Communications