Astronomical wonder

On 20 April 2023, residents and visitors from all over the world will gather in Exmouth, Western Australia to experience a total solar eclipse. The only town within the line of ‘totality’, the popular tourist destination and nearby Ningaloo Reef will be plunged into eerie darkness for over a minute as the silhouette of the Moon obscures the Sun.

Whale shark design

The coin’s reverse portrays coloured corals of the Ningaloo Reef and a whale shark, the world’s largest fish, beneath the darkened sky of the 2023 Ningaloo Total Solar Eclipse. Also included in the design is The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark. Marking this unique moment in time, the edge of the coin bears the inscription ‘NINGALOO ECLIPSE • 20 APRIL 2023 • 11:27AM’.

04 2023 Ningaloo Eclipse 2ozSilver Coloured Antiqued InCase HighRes

Memorial Obverse

The obverse portrays The Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse, featuring the Jody Clark effigy supplemented with the dates of her reign, as well as the coin’s weight, purity, monetary denomination and 2023 year-date.

Presentation packaging

The coin is presented in a case, illustrated shipper and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This packaging contains FSC certified paper products and other recycled materials.

How to build your own eclipse viewer

How to build your own eclipse viewer

The Ningaloo Eclipse occurs on 20 April 2023. It is a solar eclipse, an event which takes place when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. From the state capital of Perth, the silhouette of the Moon will obscure about 70% of the Sun. Over the remote tourist destination of Exmouth and the nearby Ningaloo Reef, however, 100% of the Sun will be blocked by the Moon. This rare total solar eclipse will plunge the area into eerie darkness.

Looking directly at the Sun with unprotected eyes is harmful. The simplest way to experience the changing appearance of the Sun during a solar eclipse is with a DIY pinhole camera.


Here’s how to make yours.


  • 2 x pieces of white card
  • A pin or sewing needle

Step One:

In the centre of one piece of card, punch a pinhole using your pin or sewing needle. Try not to make the hole too large, and keep it as clean as possible. This card will act as your projector, and the other card will be the screen.

Step Two:

Go outside to a sunny area where there are no trees or buildings obstructing the Sun. Stand with your back to the Sun with your shadow directly in front of you.

Step Three:

Take the piece of card with the pinhole in one hand and hold it above your shoulder. You should be able to see the full shape of the card in your shadow.

Step Four:

In your other hand, take the other piece of card and hold it out in front of you, and in front of the projector card. The shadows of the cards should overlap.

The card with the pinhole will project an inverted image of the sun onto the screen, and in full sun it will project a full circle.

To make the image appear brighter, bring the screen card closer to the pinhole card. To make the image appear larger, move the screen farther away.

Step Five:

Witness the eclipse! The image of the Sun on your card will turn into a crescent shape as the Moon creates a shadow.



Year 2023
Metal Silver
Silver Content (Troy oz) 2.000
Monetary Denomination (AUD) 2.00
Fineness (% purity) 99.99
Minimum Gross Weight (g) 62.213
Maximum Diameter (mm) 50.80
Maximum Thickness (mm) 4.80
Maximum Mintage 3,000
Finish Antique, Coloured
Legal Tender Australia
Effigy Jody Clark design of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
Designer Sean Rogers

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