1920s Coin and Banknote Commemorative Folder

A keepsake of one of the most exciting periods of promise in Australian history, this presentation pack includes a 1927 Canberra Florin with the Riddle/Heathershaw 1 pound banknote.

Key features:

  • Fine to Very Fine quality
  • Limited edition, genuine Riddle/Heathershaw 1 pound banknote
  • Sterling silver 1927 Canberra florin
  • Obverse features a crowned portrait of King George VS
  • Informative presentation folder


Coin and banknote combination

These two notable issues of pre-decimal Australian currency paint an exciting picture of Australia during the post-war boom. It is understood that Australia's Baptism of fire triggered a new sense of national identity and unity as well as inspired a sense of optimism for the nation's future.

The 1927 Canberra Florin was Australia's first-ever commemorative. Issued for the opening of Parliament House on May 9, 1927, it features a superb reverse motif of the building's façade in its full glory.

The King George V Riddle/Heathershaw £1 banknote was also issued in the year Parliament was opened. Issued in small numbers, this note is genuine, scarce artifact of a very different Australia.

06 1920s Coin and Banknote Commemorative Folder CardOpen

Informative presentation folder

The set is housed in an illustrated, informative hardback portfolio.07 1920s Coin and Banknote Commemorative Folder CardOpen


Product specification






Fine - Very Fine

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