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Build your wealth with Goldpass™

Trade gold and silver with a single tap

GoldPass trading app

Download our free GoldPass app and securely buy and sell physical gold and silver via digital certificates. The app also allows investors to instantly transfer gold and silver to other GoldPass users.

With a minimum investment of 0.00001oz of gold and no maximum investment limit, this option is suitable for new or or seasoned investors. Your holdings are visible in the app along with any cash available, similar to how you would view balances in online banking systems

The Perth Mint’s latest investment platform allows investors the convenience to access their wealth at any time via a trusted platform.

Four benefits of GoldPass

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Choose AUD or USD

Transact in AUD or USD. An excellent option for global investors or those wishing to gain exposure to gold and silver in USD terms.

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Government guarantee

All GoldPass digital certificates are 100% backed by physical Perth Mint gold/silver stored in its central bank grade vaults, with the weight and purity guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia.

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Alternate to cryptocurrency

GoldPass digital certificates are an alternative to cryptocurrency investments.

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Redeem for cash or physical metal

Using GoldPass, investors may buy Perth Mint unallocated gold and silver and can redeem their metal holdings at any time for cash or delivered bars.

Video: How GoldPass works

Find out how easy it is to use GoldPass in this 90-second video.

Download GoldPass now

GoldPass is available for free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store in Australia. 



Frequently asked questions about GoldPass

Why invest with The Perth Mint

We have been refining gold and other precious metals since 1899

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Global reputation for quality and purity of our products

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 We store more than AUD 6 billion worth of gold and silver for our clients around the world.

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Dedicated to ethically sourced precious metals
Government guaranteed at The Perth Mint.

Owned by the Government of WA with all precious metals holdings bound by a constitutional guarantee.