Why invest in gold

Did you know?

AUD 10,000 invested in gold in 1999 would be worth almost AUD 53,000 today.

AUD 10,000 invested in gold in 2009 would be worth almost AUD 20,000 today.

Gold has risen by more than 8% per annum for the last 20 years.

Grow your wealth with gold

For centuries gold has been a symbol of power, prestige and wealth. It offers unwavering stability as an asset that has historically held its value through political upheaval and economic downturn. As a result, it often performs well when other assets become volatile, helping to balance your portfolio.

This is why so many individual investors, institutional portfolio managers, sovereign wealth funds and central banks hold the metal as a trusted store of wealth.

With so many ways to access gold, be it online or through other trusted sources such as The Perth Mint, it sets the bar for being a smart and effective way to grow wealth.

The value of gold

- Investors bought almost 900 tonnes and USD 50 billion in gold ETFs in 2020 – the highest amount on record.
- Central banks own more than AUD $2.5 trillion worth of gold, having purchased more than 4,000 tonnes in the last decade.
- Gold prices have on average risen by more than 20% per annum when real interest rates are 2% or lower, like they are today.

If you're looking to invest, choose a truly global mint that's been bringing precious metals to market since 1899.

The Perth Mint offers many ways to invest in gold

Bullion bars and coins are not the only option for investors. We offer a variety of investment options including online options, exchange traded products and a digital app.

Get an expert’s view on gold investment

Hear from our Manager Listed Products and Investment Research, Jordan Eliseo, as he provides a snapshot of the gold market, its historical performance and the future trajectory of gold.

Why invest with The Perth Mint

We have been refining gold and other precious metals since 1899

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 We store more than AUD 6 billion worth of gold and silver for more than 70,000 clients in over 130 countries

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