Perth Mint issues first Australian surfboard-shaped coin

Mar 11, 2020

imagevki6qSurfing was popularised at the beginning of the 20th century with brilliant displays of the art by Hawaiian visitors.

In 1915, Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian hero of the pool and surf, attracted a large crowd at Freshwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

His amazing demonstration is said to have marked the dawn of wave riding in Australia.

Did you know?

Eighteenth Century European explorers in the South Pacific were astounded by the Polynesian inhabitants’ love of surfing, which they’d practised since ancient times.

From Margaret River in the west to Bells Beach in Victoria, famous surf breaks abound around the coast.

According to Lonely Planet , Sydney’s Narrabeen was immortalised by the Beach Boys in ‘Surfin’ USA‘ – the only exception in the otherwise all-American line-up of surf locations mentioned in the famous hit.

In fact, more than one in 10 people are estimated to surf as a recreational activity.

Surfing has created a language, fashion and a lifestyle all of its own, which we’re delighted to celebrate with our unique Australian legal tender collectable.

Struck from 2oz of 99.99% pure silver, the coin portrays an idyllic image representing a wave breaking close to an Australian shore, silhouetted by a picturesque sunset. The Queen’s head is represented on the ‘bottom’.

Just 2,500 of these remarkable coins will be released, each housed in a clear acrylic presentation stand – making it a rare and highly desirable memento for anyone addicted to surf.