Where can you store bullion?

Apr 5, 2023

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If you’re thinking about investing in bullion then you’re probably already wondering where to store your investment once purchased.

Here at The Perth Mint, we’ve got your storage options covered.

Investors can buy, sell and store gold, silver and platinum with The Perth Mint Depository. We have an extensive network of secure facilities including central bank grade vaults to protect your precious metal holdings.

The depository, established in 1994 at The Perth Mint, is one of the world’s safest locations for precious metal storage. We hold more than AUD 6 billion worth of gold, silver and platinum for more than 70,000 global clients and investors.

Our metals are ethically sourced and manufactured at The Perth Mint refinery and we offer a range of storage options.

Where can you store your bullion?

If you’ve decided to invest in precious metal with us, where do you store it? Either you want to keep your bullion in secure vault storage away from home, such as The Perth Mint Depository, or you could look at unallocated storage.

The Perth Mint Depository offers three options for storing precious metals, including allocated, pool allocated or unallocated metal.

But what does this mean?

Allocated storage 

Allocated bars are available in gold and silver. When you buy allocated bars, we place them in The Perth Mint Depository with your title attached to those specific bars. They are removed from our working inventory and cannot be bought by other customers.

Cast bars are one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to buy precious metals. You can buy 99.99% pure gold cast bars in weights ranging from 1 oz to 50 oz and 99.90 % pure silver from 10 oz to 1,000 oz through us. All cast bars feature our LBMA accredited stamp to ensure they are tradable internationally. These can be placed securely in our depository.

When buying allocated gold and silver, you pay for the ounces of precious metal, the fabrication fee for the cast bar and the ongoing storage fees.

Pool allocated storage (silver only)

When opting for pool allocated storage, clients have the option to purchase 1,000 ounces of silver. Pool allocated storage does not allocate an actual bar to one particular person, rather you are purchasing the ounces in a pool of bars shared with other clients. This can be a good option if you are looking for lower ongoing storage fees and reduced fabrication costs. Clients can choose to convert their pool allocation to an allocated bar if they want to, subject to the fees associated with allocated storage.

Unallocated storage

With unallocated storage, you can choose to purchase ounces of silver, gold or platinum from our working inventory. When buying unallocated, you only pay for the precious metal as there are no fabrication or storage fees. You can convert* your unallocated metal into allocated metal at any time, subject to payment of fabrication and storage fees.

Can I convert between storage types?

You can convert between any one of the three storage methods at any time. If taking delivery of unallocated metal or pool allocated metal, it must be converted to allocated metal first. Fabrication costs will be payable at the time of conversion to allocated metal. It is only possible to change from unallocated to allocated, however.

Questions about storage options

Visit our Frequently asked questions page for answers to commonly asked questions about our storage programs.

Why invest and store at The Perth Mint?

Here at The Perth Mint, we have a global reputation for quality and purity of our products and we’re dedicated to ethically sourced precious metals. Not only that, but we are owned by the Government of WA, with all precious metals holdings bound by a statutory guarantee. As sole owner of The Perth Mint, the Government of Western Australia guarantees our liabilities in accordance with the Act, ensuring we are one of the lowest risk precious metals enterprises in the world.  


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