Behind the design of the Argyle Treasures™ ring

Nov 23, 2023

Argyle Treasures™ ring at The Perth Mint

Since 1899 we’ve been an icon for the gold industry here in Western Australia.

Now, we’re not only known for our gold purity, including our Australian Origin Gold®, but for the incredible range of rare Argyle Pink Diamonds™ we have on offer as a longstanding Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier™. These diamonds are the inspiration behind the sophisticated beauty and prestige of the Argyle Treasures™ ring.

This captivating ring embodies the essence of WA’s rich landscape. The design symbolises spectacular sunsets over the deserts and gorges of the untouched, beautiful Kimberley region – with a glint of cool blue diamonds, representing the water of Lake Argyle. It features a total of 2.89 carats of the world’s rarest fancy colour diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, all set in Australian Origin Gold®.

Behind the design of such an incredible piece of jewellery is the very talented in-house design team here at The Perth Mint.

As part of the design process, the team developed various sketches and submitted a number of favoured designs to John Glajz, Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon Partner™ and long-term associate of The Perth Mint's Masterpieces range.

Tina Kircher who was part of the in-house design team said, “Glajz brings invaluable expertise in pink diamonds and a deep understanding of the premium jewellery industry on a global scale. His insights and experience ensured the chosen design not only highlighted the unique qualities of pink diamonds, but also met the high expectations in the world of luxury jewellery.”

What prompted the initial idea of the Argyle Treasures™ ring?

“[We] felt we had a beautiful story of Australian gold and pink diamonds which needed to be told,” said Tina.

The Argyle Treasures™ ring is the first piece of jewellery by The Perth Mint that is guaranteed to be made from our responsibly sourced Australian Origin Gold®.

Our Australian Origin Gold (AOG) is an initiative to provide a guarantee around responsible sourcing in the precious metals industry. It’s important to us that ethically sourced Australian gold is utilised, and what better way to showcase this than creating an iconic piece of jewellery using fancy coloured diamonds from Western Australia.

Michael Falocco FGAA, the Mint’s experienced gemmologist, explained, “We feel this is a great way to honour WA as [The Perth Mint] has a rich history with Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and gold.”

What was the inspiration behind the design concepts of the ring?

Argyle Treasures hands 1080x810

The inspiration for this design is found in the natural landscape of Western Australia. From the stunning sunsets over the vast deserts and gorges of the Kimberley region. It’s about honouring WA and its rich treasures and history – it becomes part of our story; one where the design speaks to people in different ways.

What gems and precious metals is the ring created with?

A matching pair of Vivid Pink oval shape diamonds, totalling 0.75 carats, stand out amid a bounty of stunning smaller pink diamonds set in Australian Origin Gold®. Set only with diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, the rarest fancy coloured gems in the world, this bespoke piece glows with some of the strongest colours produced by nature.

As a one-of-a-kind diamond art piece, Argyle Treasures ™ is an elegant heirloom, making it an extraordinary collector’s item.

Argyle Treasures™ ring on display at The Perth Mint jewellery boutique

The Argyle Treasures™ ring is on sale at The Perth Mint from the 23 November 2023. The ring, priced at AUD 889K, will take pride of place on display in our jewellery boutique showroom and is expected to draw attention from Perth’s diamond enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Our elegant jewellery boutique is home to some of the world’s most exclusive jewellery, including pink diamonds. Our loose diamonds and diamond jewellery pieces are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, as well as the peace of mind that comes with choosing to make a purchase from a Government of Western Australia-owned enterprise with a long-standing reputation for quality and integrity. Come and see the ring for yourself or book your appointment here: