What are the benefits of buying loose diamonds?

Jul 3, 2023


Diamonds are one of the most admired precious stones, known for their rarity, unparalleled beauty, and long history of being a symbol of luxury and status.

However, when it comes to buying diamonds, there are many choices available. One of the best options is to buy loose diamonds.

But what exactly are the benefits of buying loose diamonds?

Flexible design

One of the biggest benefits of buying loose diamonds is the flexibility it offers in jewellery design. Loose diamonds make it easier for jewellery designers to create unique and customised designs based on your preferences.

When you buy a pre-set diamond, you are limited to the design of the existing jewellery piece. With loose diamonds, you are free to choose the shape, colour, and size of the stone that can be matched with a setting and designed in a way that suits your unique taste and style.

Quality control

Buying loose diamonds can sometimes offer better quality control because you can personally inspect the stone in detail before making a purchase. There are no inclusions hidden by settings or prongs. This way, you can ensure that the diamond meets your standards for cut, clarity, carat, and colour.


Loose diamonds can also be considered an investment. As with any other valuable asset, a diamond’s value may increase over time*, especially if it’s a rare-coloured gem or high-quality diamond. For example, pink diamonds from the now closed Argyle Diamond Mine could increase in value as the world’s supply of fancy pink diamonds depletes.

Unlike some other investments, diamonds are tangible assets that are not affected by inflation, unlike fiat currencies. Some investors use gems and precious metals to diversify investment portfolios*.

Overall benefits of loose diamonds

Buying loose diamonds is a personal decision but can offer many benefits, including design flexibility, better quality control, and investment opportunity.

It’s important to note that when buying loose diamonds, research is key. Choose a reputable dealer to ensure that you get the best quality diamonds, ones that are ethically sourced. It’s also important to make sure your chosen diamond comes with a diamond certificate. This certificate is essentially a grading and authenticity report for the stone. They’re supplied by accredited gemmological laboratories and include information and grades for each of a diamond’s characteristics based on the 4Cs – carat, colour, clarity, and cut, polish, symmetry of the cut, fluorescence, inscriptions on the girdle if any, and proportions. The final grading has a key influence on the diamond’s price.

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