Cushion cut diamonds offer classic style

Oct 21, 2022

Paris is known as the city of romance so it’s entirely fitting that it’s home to what is widely considered to be the finest diamond in the world.

The Regent Diamond was discovered in 1698 in India and was cut in England over two years before being purchased for the French crown. Described by the Louvre as “perfectly white and practically flawless”, the 140.5-carat stone is perhaps the world’s most famous example of an early cushion cut diamond.

This distinctively square-shaped cut with rounded corners, similar in appearance to a pillow (hence the name) emerged at the beginning of the eighteenth century, remaining a firm favourite during the Georgian and Victorian periods. Laboriously ground by hand, each stone was said to have a unique ‘personality’.

During the nineteenth century, they became known as ‘old mine cuts’ – on account of their origin from long established mines in India and Brazil. The influence of these classic stones continues to be seen, however, in contemporary cushion cut diamonds.

A two-carat cushion cut white diamond with an aura of yesteryear lies at the heart of this captivating ring, an example from our stunning range of luxury jewellery. According to specialists at the Perth Mint’s jewellery store, the cushion cut remains extremely popular today.

"We see plenty of celebrities opting for cushion cut diamonds in their engagement rings and this has created intense interest among many brides-to-be."


As part of the brilliant family, cushion cuts are the perfect choice for those mesmerised by ‘fire’ – intense flashes of white light or a rainbow of colours that reflect out of each diamond.

Cushions with larger (‘chunky’) facets are often favoured by those looking for a stone encapsulating vintage qualities from a bygone era.

A popular modern variation provides the ‘crushed ice’ look, thanks to a more intricate pattern of facets. With such an extensive choice available, the cushion cut continues to make it easy to find a diamond that perfectly suits each buyer’s unique preferences.

As part of the brilliant family, cushion cuts are one of the most sort after rings at The Perth Mint jewellery store.