The gemstone personality test

Feb 22, 2024

Gold and opal ring with diamonds around the edge

Have you ever wondered what your favourite gemstone says about you? Here we delve into why you may be drawn to a particular stone over another.

Gorgeous garnet

Commonly red in colour, the garnet is said to bring the wearer happiness, health, self-confidence, as well as promoting creativity and a calm mind.

Calming amethyst

For centuries amethyst has been considered a powerful and protective semiprecious gemstone for those who hold it close. From healing powers to promoting a clear mind, this stone is believed to calm anxiety and anger. Associated with the air and water elements, those born under the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces may be strongly attracted to this purple gemstone.

Alluring aquamarine

With its alluring colour, aquamarine represents nature’s most beautiful and calming hues. This dazzling stone radiates tranquillity, making it truly unique. Aquamarine lovers are often loyal, easy going and looking for serenity.

Aquamarine ring laying on a black cloth

Dazzling diamond

Prized for more than its beauty, the diamond is thought to possess healing and protective qualities. With a long association with longevity, strength, beauty and happiness, the diamond represents tradition, quality and is the symbol of everlasting love.

Exquisite emerald

Said to offer fertility, eternal youth, riches, power and future foresight, the emerald is actually 20 times rarer than diamond. If you radiate towards emerald, you may be a person who hides behind a mask but is kind-hearted and looking for security, kindness and love.

Emerald and diamond bracelet laying on a black cloth

Perfect pearls

Pearls are often associated with purity, prosperity, innocence and sensitivity. Their feminine energy is considered positive if you have excess masculine energy in your chakra systems. If you’re drawn to pearls, you may be searching for a sense of stability.

Resplendent ruby

The ruby has long been seen as a symbol of power, wealth, prosperity, good fortune and courage. In past centuries, many thought rubies could predict disaster or danger, whilst others claimed the precious stones held healing properties. If you choose rubies for your jewellery pieces, you are most likely passionate and full of life.


Medieval peridot

Peridot has been used for centuries as a protective talisman, shielding wearers from evil spirits. Chances are if you’re drawn to this captivating green gem you’re looking to balance and reenergise your chakras.  Peridot is also associated with abundance, prosperity and good fortune. It’s also believed to be helpful for those trying to better themselves.

Serene sapphire

Dating back centuries, blue sapphires have been associated with spiritual enlightenment and healing properties. If you are attracted to this regal gem, you are probably looking for a sense of calm, wisdom, clarity and understanding.

Opulent opal

It’s believed opals promote a sense of calm, ease stress and settle restless thoughts. If you seek out opals you may be looking for a more restful sleep, a sense of inner peace and to build a sense of security. Opal is also thought to absorb negative thoughts and energies.

Creative citrine

Bringing energy, creativity and warmth, yellow citrine is associated with feelings of happiness and joy. You may be attracted to this beautiful stone if you’re looking to stimulate your chakras and are pursuing fresh beginnings.

Tanzanite relief

Tanzanite is believed to reduce stress, nervous tension and even migraines. Generating the feeling of happiness from relief of worries, tanzanite may be your choice of gemstone if you are Pisces of Aries – even though this stone is not associated with the zodiac.

This gemstone personality test is certainly not the only indicator of which stone is for you. The associations we make with colours can also explain why we choose certain gems over others. For instance, blue gems represent water, red symbolises passion, while green signifies rebirth.

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