Perth Mint offers more ways to invest in precious metals

Oct 31, 2016

The Perth Mint is pleased to advise that as of today it has reintroduced unallocated silver to its portfolio of investment products.

In addition to gold and platinum, investors may now add pure silver to their wealth portfolio, and have each of these metals kept safely in the Mint’s high security vaults, while taking advantage of two significant cost savings.

Buying ‘unallocated’ metal means that investors’ metal is still backed by physical metal and guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia, yet they do not pay fabrication or storage fees.  

Given the greater affordability of silver compared to other precious metals, high demand for this ‘unallocated’ metal choice had previously posed a challenge for the Mint, highlighting the need to increase its secure storage capacity. This challenge has now been met, following a significant investment in the upgrade and expansion of its vaults.

Perth Mint Depository Manager, John Durham, confirms that, “buying unallocated metal has always been the most popular of the Mint’s depository products, so we’re delighted that the recent expansion of our world-class facilities has facilitated the return of this highly-anticipated investment option.”

Understanding that some clients may wish to invest in physical gold and silver bullion bars with specific serial numbers allotted to them, and have them set aside from other metal stock held at the Mint, an ‘allocated’ option is also offered. Alternatively, ‘pool allocated’ holdings allow investors to buy metal which is then deposited in a segregated pool of bars which is owned by the Mint’s clients.

While these products may be purchased through the traditional Perth Mint Depository Program (PMDP) and Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP), its fastest growing ‘buy and store’ choice is its digital trading platform, Perth Mint Depository Online (PMDO).

PMDO is the way of the future in precious metals trading, providing all types of investors, from individuals to institutions, with the ability to manage their own account, transact 24/7 from as little as AUD 50 to multi-million dollar investments, with live metal pricing and minimal fees, presenting the easiest, most secure and most affordable way to invest.

These benefits are further supported by a unique savings plan option which enables clients to automate a minimum investment of AUD 50 each month, at a discount of 50% on the applicable transaction fee. 

While each of the Mint’s depository products provide varying degrees of investor involvement and flexibility, account privacy and metal security is assured. Clients can also be certain that their gold, platinum and silver holdings, regardless of the volumes, are backed by the physical metal to allow collection at any time upon request.

Offering the world’s only government guaranteed investment and storage solutions for more than 100 years, The Perth Mint today safeguards AUD 3.1 billion worth of holdings for in excess of 30,000 clients located in over 100 countries.