Career growth opportunities at The Perth Mint

Nov 25, 2022

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We want our employees to believe in themselves and be confident to grow in their roles. It’s why we offer career growth opportunities for all employees.

We can provide a range of professional development and strategically aligned training activities. There is also ongoing online training offered to ensure employees are up to date with the latest processes and procedures.

In addition to these offerings, employees are able to request to attend training courses and can apply for Study Assistance, which is a financial support and paid study leave to complete higher education, typically university-based studies.

At The Perth Mint, we are committed to the development of our people, not only for professional growth but for personal growth and development too.

Aye Aye, Leading Hand Technical Services – Coining Division – tells her story about the opportunities she received at The Perth Mint.

Civil war, a partner’s sudden death, life in two new countries, a professional career cut off before it could begin, and raising three children. Life has thrown every challenge it could at Aye Aye Aung, but she has fought through it all and lived to tell a remarkable story.

When she finished her law degree in Burma in 1982, Aye Aye was looking forward to a career in justice and building a family with her husband, a University English lecturer. But as soon as she had graduated, a violent civil war took hold of the country and she fled with her family to Bangkok.

For a time, it seemed that some stability had returned to Aye Aye’s world. While her husband worked as an English lecturer she took care of her three young children, settling into life in a foreign country. But when her husband passed away, she was forced to make new plans.

Moving to Australia as a single mother, she sought out training and was determined to build the skills she needed to support herself and her children. After studying computing and two English courses, Aye Aye found a permanent job with The Perth Mint, where she has continued to learn and progress for 17 years.

“I’m really grateful for this country and this company,” says Aye Aye. “Burma has no democracy – it’s one master, one lord, and the military rules. It’s not encouraged to think broadly and hard to find opportunities to improve yourself. But here in Australia, it’s so much better.”

“I never had any experience working in the factory environment, but as time went on in The Perth Mint, I became familiar with all the facilities as well as the training opportunities provided. Thanks to them, I’m able to take care of my family while working here.”

“Now, I’m standing tall. My children have all been to university and are succeeding. And I have come so far in my career.”

“The work I’m doing now is nothing like I would have imagined when I finished law back in Burma. But I have had the chance to challenge myself and take on new responsibilities, even now that I’m 67 years old. So, I am extremely grateful.”

“I’m not taking retirement, which surprises some people. But I’m healthy and I can work, my brain is still functioning well, so I want to continue.”

Aye Aye has risen to a leadership position in The Perth Mint’s coining department, supporting the Technical Services team responsible for much of the facility’s infrastructure.

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