Know Your Customer Privacy Collection Notice

The Perth Mint is undertaking a broad customer due diligence refresh of its customer base to  strengthen important risk management structures and ensure it meets its regulatory obligations under Australian federal law, including under the Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing Act.

The Perth Mint is collecting personal information on its customers to confirm the accuracy of current personal information it holds and collect and verify any additional personal information it requires to comply with its regulatory obligations so it can continue to provide its services to you.

The Perth Mint will be collecting the following personal information:

  • your full name
  • date of birth
  • residential address
  • occupation
  • phone number, and
  • email address.

The Perth Mint will also be collecting the following sensitive information:

  • a yes/no responses as to whether you have any criminal convictions or criminal activities
  • confirmation that you are a real person via a liveness check, and
  • confirmation of your facial match conducted by comparing a photograph submitted by you with your photo ID.

The Perth Mint may also collect a copy of your photo ID, which may be your passport, driving license or National Identity Card.

The Perth Mint is utilising the services of its third-party identification and verification provider CREDAS, which is based in the United Kingdom. The Perth Mint may disclose your personal information and photo ID to CREDAS for the purposes of verifying your identification.

Alternatively, CREDAS may collect directly from you all of the personal and sensitive information already listed. The Perth Mint may collect all, or some, of your personal and sensitive information from CREDAS. CREDAS will hold a copy of your photo ID, and all personal information, for a maximum of 30 days.

The Perth Mint Privacy Policy sets out further information about how we will hold your personal information, how you can access, update and correct your personal information held by the Perth Mint. It also outlines how to lodge a complaint and how that complaint will be managed if you are concerned about how we handled your information. The Privacy Policy is available at here. 

If you do not consent to the collection of your personal information under this Collection Notice, the Perth Mint will be unable to provide you with its services and may place your account on hold temporarily until we are able to verify your details.