Account FAQs

When opening accounts for customers buying, selling, storing or refining precious metals, we are required to comply with relevant laws so that we identify, mitigate and manage any money laundering and terrorism financing risk.

A key part of our obligations is to undertake thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) processes on all new customers using our designated services. This means you must complete a process to verify your identity before we can take you on as a customer. Customer data is also refreshed on a regular basis.   

For further information on our processes around new customer accounts, please contact us.

Customer Operations
For new accounts, changes to existing accounts and verification.
Available 7.30am-5pm weekdays AWST

Customers may have more than one account if they use different services across our websites, shop in East Perth and refinery.

Online account FAQs

In-person account FAQs

Depository account FAQs

These FAQs apply to any type of account held with The Perth Mint Depository.

Refinery account FAQs