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Put gold in the mix

Even in a volatile and inflationary market, gold can be a protective and steady asset for your portfolio. A strategic addition, even a small amount of gold is a smart way to grow your wealth and gain confidence in your investment choices.

Why invest in gold

For centuries, gold has been the safe haven investment choice for many people.

With the investment landscape being as complex as it is, there has never been a better time to put gold in the mix.

Invest in steadfast security

Gold can have many benefits for your portfolio.

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Diversify your portfolio

Even just a small portion of gold can be enough to solidify your portfolio for future security.

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Security to explore other investments

Gold may help protect your portfolio long-term, enabling you to make other adventurous investment decisions elsewhere.

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Worry less about market uncertainty

Be assured knowing that gold has a proven history of providing stability in times of market inflation and volatility1.

Investing in gold is simple

We offer a variety of investment options including traditional and online options; flexible for whatever method works best for you.

For those who prefer to trade gold like stocks

Invest gold via the ASX, just like shares

Securing your portfolio with the stability of gold is as easy as trading in shares when investing online through the Australian Stock Market (ASX: PMGOLD).

Invest through the ASX

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For those who want to feel gold’s weight in their hands

Buy bullion online or in store

Physical bullion bars and coins are available online and in store and can be securely delivered to you. The Perth Mint also offers secure allocated storage service for our customers.

Buy bullion


For those wanting security, liquidity and 24-hour access to their investment

Invest through our online depository

Buy, sell, and store gold online 24-hours a day with The Perth Mint depository online trading platform. The portal is designed so investors can react quickly to AUD and USD gold prices. 

Visit the depository portal

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Adding as little as 2% to your mix can be enough

Gold may not be a fast-moving commodity, but it’s historically been considered to be a stable asset. Having 2-10% of a portfolio with gold can create insurance against market uncertainty and may perform better on all measures. [2]

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[1] World Gold Council, 31 January 2023.

[2] World Gold Council, 20 January 2022.