The Jewelled Horse – our most significant coin of the year

Jan 18, 2021

In what will be The Perth Mint’s most significant release for 2021, The Jewelled Horse 10oz Gold Proof Coin captures the majestic horse in the finest gold and rare Argyle pink diamonds.

The opulent Jewelled Horse coin showcases spectacular and rare treasures from two West Australian icons – The Perth Mint and Argyle Pink Diamonds. The Jewelled Horse is the fourth release from The Perth Mint’s range of diamond-studded coins showcasing Asia’s revered mythical and mortal creatures.

This limited-edition coin – with a mintage of only eight – follows in the footsteps of The Perth Mint’s past annual showcase productions including The Jewelled Phoenix (2018), The Jewelled Dragon (2019) and last year’s Jewelled Tiger.

As with the past years’ showcases, the eight Jewelled Horse coins – priced at AUD 279,000.00 each (incl GST) – are expected to sell fast at a time when investor and collector interest in high-quality, timeless precious metal products is soaring.

Struck from 10oz of 99.99 per cent pure gold in proof quality, this opulent coin is surmounted by a three-dimensional representation of a rearing horse made from 18-carat rose gold.

The body of the horse is pavé-set with 2.76 carats of specially selected intense to vivid coloured Argyle pink diamonds. Two Argyle golden diamonds represent the horse’s eyes.

The Perth Mint General Manager Minted Products, Neil Vance, said the horse was a natural choice to feature on such a sophisticated luxury investment product.

“This limited-edition commemorative coin is truly exceptional in terms of its artistry, rarity and value”

— Neil Vance, General Manager Minted Products

“Our Jewelled Phoenix, Jewelled Dragon and Jewelled Tiger coins all sold out. We expect The Jewelled Horse to be similarly sought-after among the world’s collectors of luxury items and diamond connoisseurs.”

jewelled horse held

Featured in many mythological stories and one of 12 auspicious animals in the ancient lunar calendar, the horse has played a potent role in Chinese culture for millennia.

Often credited with the invention of the harness and stirrups, China first domesticated the horse thousands of years ago.

Pulling chariots and carrying combat riders into battle, the horse played an important military role in helping to protect the Middle Kingdom from barbarian raids. Symbolising vitality, speed, courage, nobility and power, the horse has frequently been celebrated in art, noticeably the black ink wash-painting style dating from the Tang dynasty.

To this day, the horse represents one of the most recurrent animal themes in Chinese culture. Recognising the significance of the number “8” in Asian cultures and its association with luck and prosperity, the limited number of Jewelled Horse coins are each presented in a luxurious display case with 18-carat gold furnishings inset with two additional Argyle pink diamonds.

This rare Australian collectable features the Jody Clark effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the monetary denomination and the 2021 year-date on its obverse.

The Jewelled Horse coin is available for purchase in store and online. Find out more by visiting, telephoning (+61 8) 9479 9936 or emailing