Perth Mint Jewelled Phoenix takes flight

Mar 21, 2018

The world’s first pavé set Argyle pink diamond coin program has sold out at The Perth Mint within six weeks of being unveiled by the Western Australian purveyor of precious metals at the prestigious World Money Fair in Berlin.

The Jewelled Phoenix was created in response to heightened market demand for exclusive collectables with a particular interest shown for luxury items portraying oriental design themes.

Collaborating with an Argyle Pink Diamonds Authorised Partner, the Mint crafted its innovative sell out by uniting a breathtaking combination of precious metals with a three dimensional diamond studded element which appears to float above the coin’s table.

Perth Mint Jewelled Phoenix
This remarkable release is struck from 10oz of 99.99% pure gold and adorned with a delicately sculptured 18ct rose gold Chinese phoenix hand set with 89 natural fancy coloured pink diamonds totalling 1.22ct from Rio Tinto’s famed Argyle Diamond Mine.

"Collectors are becoming increasingly discerning in their search for opulent items to enrich their collections so we wanted to offer them something truly exceptional said Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hayes."

“The majesty of The Jewelled Phoenix superbly showcases Western Australian gold and diamonds, and symbolises the virtues of this revered immortal king of birds.

“This extremely limited release has been embraced by collectors with an ardent appreciation of fine craftsmanship and rare pink diamonds as one of Australia’s numismatic masterpieces,” said Mr Hayes.

With a combined retail value of AUD 1.5 million, the eight limited edition Jewelled Phoenix coins now reside with new owners across Australia, in Europe and Asia.

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