Buy Perth Mint Gold on the Australian Stock Exchange


Perth Mint Gold ("PMG") is a right to gold created by The Perth Mint to enable you to invest in gold via the Australian Stock Exchange ("ASX"). PMG is structured as a fully paid call option to one hundredth of a troy ounce of physical gold and may be exercised by you at any time. PMGs trade on the ASX under the code PMGOLD and can be purchased by investors only on the ASX. Perth Mint Gold suits investors who prefer to manage their gold investment within their stockbroking account along with their ASX listed equity and other investments.

About Perth Mint Gold

The ASX price of PMG is intended to track closely the international over-the-counter market spot price of gold in Australian dollars and will be based on the market value of the gold backing a PMG at the time of purchase. Perth Mint Gold is unique in that it is:

  • Government Guaranteed. PMGs are issued by Gold Corporation (trading as The Perth Mint), a statutory authority of the Government of Western Australia. The liabilities of Gold Corporation, including its obligations under the PMG Terms and Conditions, are guaranteed under section 22 of the Gold Corporation Act 1987, an Act of the Western Australian Parliament.
  • Physically Redeemable. Unlike many gold exchange traded products, PMG can be physically redeemed for any of The Perth Mint’s bullion coins and bars.
  • Fully Backed. PMGs are fully covered by gold owned by The Perth Mint.
  • Low Management Fee. PMG’s management fee has been held at 0.15% pa since 2004, one of the lowest fees worldwide for a gold exchange traded product.
  • Guaranteed Market. The Perth Mint, via its Market Maker, will ensure PMG tracks the price of gold by maintaining reasonable bid and offer prices and volume on the ASX at all times, in accordance with ASX rules.
  • Convenient. Trade PMGs through your stockbroker with the same ease and convenience as investing in shares.

Product Disclosure Statement

Investors should read the Perth Mint Gold Product Disclosure Statement, which explains PMG's features, operation, risks, tax implications, and Terms and Conditions, before investing in PMGs.

Independent Investment Research rated PMG as Recommended Plus and their report on PMG can be downloaded here. If you have any further questions please contact us on +61 8 9421 7250 or at