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Beauty and purity

Find the perfect stone at the Perth Mint jewellery store.

Loose diamonds are forever

Be dazzled by the range of authentic glistening loose diamonds available at The Perth Mint jewellery store. Choose from the outstanding selection of scarce pink, white and yellow diamonds on display every day in our luxurious jewellery boutique.

Make an appointment or just come by our historic grand premises in Hay Street, East Perth. Our jewellery consultants can introduce you to a selection of glamourous gemstones, allowing you time to marvel at their beauty while you consider their unique colours, shapes and sizes.

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Spellbinding loose pink diamonds

As a carefully chosen Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier™, The Perth Mint shares Argyle Pink Diamonds™ passion for perfection and craftsmanship. We sell loose diamonds in an array of hues. 

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Classically stunning loose white diamonds

Prized across the globe, magnificent white diamonds are among the world’s most desired jewels. As a symbol of everlasting love for an engagement ring or as the centrepiece of a stunning pendant, you know your choice will be treasured for generations.

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Classically stunning loose white diamonds

Naturally fancy loose yellow diamonds

Adored for their vivacious colour, each fancy yellow diamond scintillates with a unique brilliance. Sourced from some of the world’s most renowned mines including the Ellendale mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, these coloured diamonds radiate joy.

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Yellow diamonds

The Collector’s Edition™ loose diamonds

Sealed in tamper-evident packaging, each exclusive loose diamond has been independently authenticated by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) based in Belgium. A report accompanies each package, verifying origins of each pink diamond from the Argyle Mine and detailing the specifications including grade, cut, weight and clarity. 

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Argyle Pink Diamonds

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The following cuts are the most popular for white diamonds

Round cut
Round brilliant
Princess cut
Cushion cut
Emerald cut

Pink diamond cuts

The following cuts are among the most popular for pink diamonds.

Pink round cut
Round brilliant
Pink cushion shape
Pink oval shape
Pink princess shape
Pink emerald shape