Get started with coin collecting

Are you new to collecting coins? Overwhelmed by the terminology, history and stunning array available to buy? As one of Australia's oldest operating mints, we have a wealth of information to help you on your coin collecting journey.  

Decipher numismatic terms

Can't tell an incuse from a gilding? What is numismatic anyway? We’ve got you covered with this coin collecting glossary.

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How do I start a coin collection?

Kick start your hobby with our tips on goals for your coin collection and what makes a good collectable.

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How are coins made?

From design to manufacture, we’ll run you through the process for making coins at The Perth Mint.


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What is a coin finish?

Proof, coloured, gilded, antiqued – we’ll give you the ins and outs of all our coin finishes.

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Heads up on effigies

What exactly is an effigy and why are they always monarchs?


History of Australian coins

This overview will give you key dates for when coins were introduced.

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