How to buy and sell metal on Depository Online

Buying and selling gold, silver and platinum via The Perth Mint’s Depository Online portal is a simple process. Follow the steps below.

To order gold, silver or platinum:

  1. Login to your Depository Online account
  2. Click the ‘New order’ tab
  3. Select an action – buy or sell
  4. Select the bullion to trade - gold, silver or platinum
  5. Select an allocation type - unallocated, pool allocated or allocated
  6. Select an order type - market or limit
  7. Select whether you want to order by a dollar amount or by troy ounces
  8. Enter the amount of your order
  9. Click ‘Go to step 2’
  10. The system will calculate the order details and fees. The precious metal price is only fixed for 15 seconds and the system will recalculate the order every 15 seconds to reflect current spot prices until you submit the order.
  11. Click ‘Submit order’ to accept or ‘Go back’ to adjust your order

Note: The system will grey out the actions, bullion and allocation types that are not available.

After you submit an order, a confirmation will be emailed to you.

Questions about Depository Online orders

Find out more about what happens when you place an order via your Depository Online account.