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Start saving gold and silver

Set up a plan so your bullion holding grows each month.

Savings plans for gold and silver

Starting out in precious metals doesn’t have to be expensive. The Perth Mint Depository Online account holders can start a precious metals savings plan from AUD or USD $50 per month.

A regular savings plan has the added benefit of reduced transaction fees (50% off).

Three benefits of a savings plan

Half price transaction fees.
gold icon showing investment
One of the easiest ways to manage your investing.
Gold arrows increasing over time
Save from $50 to $5000 per month

When buying gold or silver as part of a saving plan, it is stored as unallocated metal. We are owned by the Government of WA with all precious metal holdings backed by a government guarantee.

Savings transfers are actioned on the first working day of the month. You can transfer up to $5000 per month. Transactions are processed using automated pricing against the default currency for the account at the time the savings plan transfers are actioned.

Savings plans are just one option available as part of the Depository Online Program, which offers a range of storage options and the freedom to buy and sell metal. Find out more. link

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Savings plan questions

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