The Perth Mint - Gold and Silver Refiner


Global refiner of choice

As the world’s largest refiner of newly mined gold and the highest volume refiner in Australia, The Perth Mint is one of the most trusted partners to precious metal producers globally.

With industry-leading refining capabilities, we can process more than 800 tonnes of gold and 1000 tonnes of silver per annum. Our intake each year equates to almost 75% of Australia’s newly mined gold and close to 10% of world gold.

Located on Australia’s west coast in Western Australia, one of the world’s least impacted regions during COVID-19, we have continued safe operations throughout the pandemic.


Your trusted refinery partner


Accredited by five world gold exchanges and owned by the Government of Western Australia, our refining processes and operations are fully guaranteed by sovereign entity, making us the lowest risk refinery in the world.


Committed to sustainability

As a major global player in precious metals, we take our responsibility to the industry seriously. Our commitment to sustainability is key to everything we do and a major part of our ongoing investment in the industry.

This includes our dedication to only accepting ethically sourced metals into our refinery.


Australia's oldest gold refinery

In fact, we’ve been a partner to the Australian mining industry for more than 120 years, offering the most advanced and best equipped precious metals assay laboratory in the southern hemisphere.

The world’s leading gold and silver producers trust our team to deliver quality refining at a competitive and sustainable price. We take pride in returning maximum metal to producers for every ounce refined.

We understand cash flow depends on your choice of refinery and offer prompt payment and security.

As a fully integrated organisation, we partner with producers to deliver quality products and services to markets for Australian gold throughout the world.


What are The Perth Mint’s four main gold and silver refining processes?

Our refinery is located near Perth Airport. We are renowned for our high-tech refining processes including:

  • Miller chlorination
  • Electrolytic gold refining
  • Aqua regia digest refining
  • Electrolytic silver refining

As well as fabricating 400oz gold and 1,000oz silver London Good Delivery Bars, we can produce 99.99% gold and silver investment cast bars to help find markets for your precious metals.


Refinery accredited by five world gold exchanges

By pioneering a range of digital and exchange listed products, we are making precious metals an affordable and accessible asset for investors while creating demand for Australian gold globally.

We are the only Australian refiner accredited for both gold and silver by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). As a certified refiner, weight master and assayer, our customers have confidence in the stated weight, purity and integrity of all The Perth Mint products.

We ensure all our gold and precious metals are ethically sourced

Our refinery is also one of a select group of gold refiners that has accreditation from five of the world’s major gold exchanges.

Download our refinery brochure.


Gold bar fabrication