Terms and Conditions for selling your gold jewellery to The Perth Mint

1. Introduction

Western Australian Customers (“Customers”) can sell their gold jewellery to Gold Corporation (trading as The Perth Mint) “The Perth Mint”. The Perth Mint is willing to make offers to purchase gold jewellery from Customers if the jewellery item presented to it displays an identifiable hallmark of the metal purity (“Goods”). If a hallmark is not evident on the Goods or is illegible, The Perth Mint does not have to make an offer to purchase the Goods. The Perth Mint will make offers over-the-counter at The Perth Mint’s premises, subject to these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). 

Business Day(s) means any day other than a weekend day or public holiday in the State of Western Australia.

2. Types of transactions

Customers can invite The Perth Mint to make an offer to purchase their Goods at The Perth Mint Bullion Trading Room at 310 Hay Street, East Perth, during the opening hours as published on The Perth Mint website. Western Australian residents must attend in person for identification purposes in accordance with the Pawnbrokers and Second-hand Dealers Regulations 1996 (WA).

3. Price of Goods

The price of the Goods is agreed between The Perth Mint and the Customer as

  1. The Perth Mint may make an offer to purchase the Customer’s Goods at the time the Customer brings the Goods to The Perth Mint’s Bullion Trading Room. If the Customer accepts the offer made to them by The Perth Mint, this is the price (“Price”) and a contract is entered into at that time between the Customer and The Perth Mint (“Contract”).

4. Non-gold components

Any non-gold items such as gemstones, other metals or materials that are not removed by the Customer prior to the time the Contract is formed are deemed to form part of the Goods and are forfeited by the Customer to The Perth Mint upon providing the Goods to The Perth Mint and will not be returned to the Customer. The Customer agrees to waive all of their proprietary rights to any and all non-gold items comprising the Goods.

5. Price

The price of the Goods is dependent on the type sold by the Customer and the prevailing Perth Mint gold spot bid price, less a stated amount as provided by The Perth Mint, at the time of Contract.

6. Customer identification

All Customers must provide to The Perth Mint identification (“ID”) in accordance with the relevant legislation for their type of transaction before The Perth Mint can proceed to finalise the purchase of the Customer’s Goods.

7. Contract completion and non-completion

  1. If the Customer and The Perth Mint agree to a Price, the Customer will be given a receipt for the Goods by The Perth Mint and the transaction will be deemed to be completed at that time, subject to clause 8.
  2. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that precious metals are traded internationally on a daily basis such that the underlying value of the Goods the subject of the Contract with The Perth Mint may change relative to the Price agreed at the time of Contract and that the Customer assumes this risk.

8. Payment

Subject to the Customer’s compliance with clause 6 and provision of all necessary documentation, The Perth Mint will make payment of the Price (and any other amounts due) to the Customer’s bank account/BSB as provided by the Customer to The Perth Mint at the time of the Contract, by midnight the following Business Day, unless the Price exceeds AUD 5000, in which case the payment will be made five Business Days after receipt and verification of the Goods.

The Perth Mint will not be held liable for any unforeseen delays in payment or the provision of incorrect bank account details by the Customer.

However, The Perth Mint and Customer agree that:

  1. The Perth Mint will not pay cash to Customers for Goods, nor make payments to third parties.
  2. Will only make payment direct to the Customer or legal entity whose name
    appears on the Contract.
  3. The Perth Mint will impose a surcharge of AUD 20 per payment if the Customer requests payment to a bank account outside Australia.
  4. Any applicable fees, local taxes, and service charges associated with the Customer’s bank account for the transactions are borne by the Customer.

9. Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The Perth Mint will only trade with the Customer on the basis of the purchase being of a private or domestic nature and thereby exempt from charging The Perth Mint GST.

Last updated 22 February 2022