Annual report of The Perth Mint.

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The Perth Mint is among Western Australia’s largest exporters and manufacturers.

Annual reports

The Gold Corporation annual report offers an in-depth view of The Perth Mint’s operations and performance over the past 12 months. It highlights our valuable contributions to the West Australian Government and the vital services it provides.

Annual report 2021-22

The Perth Mint’s pre-tax profit for 2021-22 was AUD 40.28 million from an annual turnover of AUD 21.77 billion.

The maali (black swan) silver coin from The Perth Mint.

Annual report 2020-21

The Perth Mint signed off on a pre-tax profit for 2020-21 of $55.96 million, eclipsing the previous year’s record result of $47.5 million.

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Annual report 2019-20

The Perth Mint recorded a record pre-tax profit for 2019-2020 of AUD 47.55 million. Unprecedented demand for gold and silver was due to global turmoil because of the the COVID-19 crisis.


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Annual report 2018-19

Gold Corporation’s reported profit before tax increased to AUD 18.98 million for 2018-19.

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Earlier reports are available on request. 

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