Our sustainability vision:

To be the sustainability benchmark in the precious metals industry

Sustainability at The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint’s goal is to be the sustainability benchmark in the precious metals industry, not just locally in Western Australia where we are based, but globally as well. This was outlined in our November 2020 sustainability commitment. 

Our commitment to sustainability is key to everything we do and, just as importantly, the activities we choose not to do. We continually seek to achieve best practice in the global precious metals market continue to invest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

In recognition of the long-term commitment to ESG, we revised our mission, vision and values statements and live by our vision through our people and operations. Rather than be daunted by the task, we are excited by the challenge of navigating the transformation.

Sustainability Report

Our first annual sustainability report will set the benchmark for transparent reporting of our sustainability strategy, initiations and achievements.


Commitment to sustainability

The Sustainability Commitment 2021 outlines our approach through a culture of responsibility embedded at The Perth Mint and reflected in how we source our precious metals, treat our natural environment and treat each other.

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Setting the benchmark for global industry - five pillars 

To become the sustainability benchmark in the precious metals industry, we will pursue five strategic pillars. These pillars inform our material topics - the topics most important to The Perth Mint and our stakeholders - and align to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, the global best practice for sustainability reporting. 

The Perth Mint   sustainability five pillars

Build a sustainable mindset.
Build a sustainable mindset

We will embrace a sustainability mindset. Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility; we aim to be the sustainability benchmark.

Sustainability - Deliver on commitment.
Deliver on our commitment

We will continue to build the policies, expectations, standards, tools, and procedures to become the ESG benchmark.

Set the benchmark icon.
Set the benchmark

We will take a proactive approach to external engagement, being open and transparent in our communications.

Drive a responsible value chain.
Drive a responsible value chain

Our value chain will be responsible and sustainable, forming the benchmark for the industry and attracting the value chain partners we want to work with.

Look after the planet.
Look after the planet

We will take responsibility for the local environments where our people live, work, and operate, delivering initiatives to protect and improve them.

Establishing a baseline

To become the industry sustainability benchmark, The Perth Mint identified seven material topics in 2021/22 from which to establish a baseline for reporting.  Our current performance has therefore been outlined in our Sustainability Report.

Material issues for 2021

Safety and wellbeing

The health and safety of all our stakeholders is at the heart of our activities. Employee wellbeing is embedded in our culture, from the top down.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF)

A clear, transparent and appropriate risk appetite drives our customer and supplier onboarding decision-making process and is the filter through which we continually evaluate all of our business relationships.

Waste and hazardous materials management

Our respect for the environment motivates us to do more than just meet external compliance standards.

Ethical and sustainable supply chain

We aim to consistently exceed societal expectations in the ethical sourcing of our inputs and the placement of our products across the global value chain.

Ethics and values

We strive to be considered ’clean’, above board and beyond reproach by the industry.

Cyber, data and privacy

We seek to ensure that our data and the data of those we interact with is secure, protected, safe and well managed.

Air emissions and quality

We will focus on reducing all atmospheric emissions from our operations.  We will develop a roadmap to net zero carbon, set ambitious targets and invest resources in meeting them. 

In addition our material topics, we continue to invest in employee diversity, inclusion and engagement and in community relations. Find out more about how we value people and communities.



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