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Perth Mint Depository Program

The Perth Mint Depository Program gives you direct access to our experienced bullion dealers who can quote you a competitive live spot price to buy or sell precious metal. Customers receive a trade confirmation and yearly account statements by email or mail. The Depository Program is especially suitable for private investors seeking confidentiality and flexibility and a safe haven for their precious metal assets in an uncertain world.

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About the Depository Program

The Perth Mint’s Depository Program is modelled on a traditional telephone brokerage service, with a recent concession to modernity being the use of email. Customers ambivalent about the benefits of online access can be reassured that the 20 year old custom built Depository system has no internet connectivity and is completely separate from our Depository Online service.

Since you deal directly with our bullion dealers during Perth business hours, it is only suitable for investors with a medium to long term strategic approach to their precious metal investment (or should we say, insurance) and who are thus unconcerned with daily price minutia.

Deals are confirmed by email (or mail if required) as are account statements, which can be sent on a regular basis or as required. The Depository Program’s 10% deposit requirement (for deals under $2 million in value) means customers can avoid tying up their funds while they wait for the price to reach their target - the balance of the deal is required two business days later.

Further information on our Depository Program can be found in our FAQ/Help section including details of the various storage options (unallocated, pool allocated and allocated) available and the Government Guarantee that applies to your holding. Alternatively, you can download the Depository Program Product Information Statement which contains further information on the program and its Terms & Conditions.

Opening a Depository Program account

To open an account, please download the Depository Program Application Form and fill it in and send to us.

To comply with Australian know your customer rules, you will need to provide documents proving your identify. Please download our Guide to Documentation Required to open a Depository Program account for what identity documents are acceptable and certification procedures.

Upon receipt of the application form and identity documents we will review them and email you a client code which, along with the password you nominated, are used by us to verify you before we accept any instructions on your account.

Before you can trade you will need to deposit a minimum of 10% of the total value of any proposed purchase in cleared funds (any purchase over $2,000,000 will require the full amount to be deposited) but most customers usually deposit the full amount upfront. Please include your client code in the wiring instructions when sending funds to us. Note that we do not accept payment by cheque in any form - funds must be sent by electronic transfer from your bank account.

We will email you when we receive you funds. You will need to contact our bullion dealers by phone when you are ready to transact as we do not automatically purchase precious metal on receipt of your funds. On completion of a purchase our bullion dealers will send a trade confirmation by email.

You may also wish to download our Guide to Metal Delivery and Collection should you wish in the future to collect your precious metals personally or have it delivered to you.

If you have any questions about the Depository Program or help with opening an account, please contact us by telephone on +61 8 9421 7250 or by email at